Strategy Drives Results

The more you know about your audience and the marketplace, the more effective and effiecent your marketing content will be.  Whether you dive deep, or take a top level look - we recommend some research driven strategy before you spend a dime on content.

The Works 

The Flatrock team can provide key strategic support in market research, brand positioning, marketing message development and a cohesive marketing strategy

From this work, we will develop and produce targeted marketing content that will reach your target audience and generate results

Fine Tune

You have a goal and a general idea of how you want to go to market, but you want to test your assumptions and fine tune your approach.


Our team will market test your ideas and conduct additional research as needed to develop a strategic marketing plan designed to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your content

Just Content

Many of our clients have developed a strategic plan, with various degrees of specificity down to the content creation level.  

As a vendor partner, our understanding of market research and strategy development makes us easier to work with - we align well and keep the ultimate goal of our projects front and center. 

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